Tooth Brush Bristles

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Bigger/Better, Harder/Stronger?


Soft toothbrushes are best. Small compact toothbrush heads are more easily adapted around teeth then large toothbrush heads.  When it comes to toothbrushes sometimes less is more.  Medium and hard toothbrushes are made with bristles that are ridged and not as easily adapted around teeth.  Brushing aggressively with heavy pressure and scrubbing back and forth, especially with a hard brush can cause gums to recede and a rounded notch to form at the gum line.

What to look for in a tooth brush:  Soft or extra soft bristles with a small or compact head.

Why soft bristles?  The goal of brushing is to remove the soft, sticky plaque from the teeth.  Plaque needs to be mechanically whipped off the teeth. Plaque removal does not require “elbow grease”.  It is most safely and effectively done with light pressure and a soft toothbrush.

When to replace a toothbrush:  At the first signs of wear or every 3 months.  Whichever comes first.

Power toothbrush:  Follow the same guidelines as above. A battery powered toothbrush may become less effective as the battery drains.  Re-charge or replace batteries regularly.  We recommend rechargeables!

Keep it soft, and happy brushing